The University of New Hampshire: Lecturer

English 621 – News Writing

English 631 – Digital Reporting

Emerson College: Affiliated Faculty

TV News Producing

Advanced Audio-Video Journalism

Beat Reporting Across Media

The Digital Journalist

Foundations of Journalism

Topic Course: Managing Newsrooms

Topic Course: Covering Entertainment

Emerson Collge, Summer Journalism Institute


Additional Training

2019 Poynter Teachapalooza

2019 Solutions Journalism Training

2019 Radically Rural Conference

 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Excellence in Journalism Conference

2018 Poynter University Teaching Visual Journalism online course

2017 Poynter University, Cronkite-Poynter Adjunct Faculty Certificate


Angela Anderson Connolly

Emerson College 2019 Alan L. Stanzler Award for Outstanding Teacher

Here is the link to my interview with Emerson Today


Emerson College 2019 Advisor of the Year WEBN-TV/RTDNA

Student Accomplishments

The 2018 World Series Victory Parade special was a live broadcast on the Emerson Journalism Channel and YouTube
Angelina Salcedo Emerson Class of 2017 recieves 2 Journalism Department Awards. She with Affiliated Faculty Member Angela Anderson Connolly
Emerson College Students prepare for a live broadcast in TV News Producing
Attending the Excellence in Journalism Convention with students each year allows them to make contacts for future employment. As an educator I learn current trends so the students are prepared.