I Am Afraid of My Blog

Why I am afraid of my blog, and what can I do about it?

I am assigned weekly blog for a class I am currently taking, this is the most frightening thing I think I have done in a long time. There are a few reasons for my fear.

All through journalism school we are taught to keep opinions to ourselves. We are taught to be neutral in reporting, and I am afraid that I may say something on my blog that will break that rule.

What if people do not like my blog? Even scarier, what is someone actually reads it? I have spent years telling my children, and now my journalism students, to keep a low profile on social media, and be careful what you post. For me, this has meant a lot of pictures of my dog, a few happy thoughts, and keeping my opinion to myself.

Writing a blog is risky business for a person like me, but it is something that has to be done.

So I did a little research about how to blog as a journalist, and a teacher, and why I should. Here are a few articles I have come across.

In the end, it will make me a better journalist and a better educator:

Journalists Need to Blog

It will give me a place to put the work I am passionate about, and gives me ownership of the stories I write.

Sharing is Caring

In the end, blogs need journalists, and journalists need blogs. It is the new wave of participatory journalism.

 The Wave of the Future

While for journalists publishing work the rules still apply. Be ethical, check your sources, and be transparent. How more transparent can you be while working on a long project than blogging about it along the way? Start teasing about that major investigation you are working on through the blog. Talk about what steps you are taking to get the information into the public eye, make the reader part of the process, and they will be invested in the end product. To me that is the purpose of journalism bloggers, I just hope I can live up to the hype.

How can you help?

Some ideas on what to blog about?

Tell me it’s OK, you are scared too!

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