The Inauguration is over, did we get it right?

Did you watch the inauguration on television, follow it on social media, or ignore it completely? It seems the answer to this question varied not only by your political leanings, but your generation as well. The times have changed, and so has news coverage of major events.

I can remember when Jimmy Carter was sworn into office, and the nation paused to listen to his speech. They aired it on the intercom at school. That night my family watched the evening news, and read the evening paper to get an understanding of the day’s events. Now there is no waiting, and the consumer can decide how to follow the inauguration.

I turned on the major networks while I was home in the morning, just to see what each was doing. The coverage was solid and exactly what I expected. I even tuned into the cable news channels to see their take on the day. Again the usual live shots, special guests, and talking heads.

There were a few things that struck me while watching and listening to coverage. Several times anchors or commentators would mention when seeing Barack Obama that this was not the inauguration day he had expected and must be disappointed. I guess the question is should they have put that emotion out there.
The second striking statement came from NPR after the speech. The analysts were talking about statements made by President Trump and expressing concern. Finally one of the analysts said that the interpretation of the speech is skewed by political perspective. It was the most honest comment I heard all day from a so-called “talking head” when it came to the inauguration. That comment not part of the transcript, but it was said.

It was on Facebook and Twitter where I got a stronger feel of what was happening, and how people were reacting. It was fascinating to pick and choose what people were saying and thinking in real time, and how much of the news media seemed to focus on that interaction and integrate it into coverage.

The day after was the time to look back at the most tweeted moments during the day, and let’s say for some the comments were not nice. Between the faces and the outfits, social media was going crazy.

What were your thoughts on the inauguration coverage?

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